The Center website will be moving in March. I will be placing it into a less expensive format and the new web address is www.fiveelementqigong.net.

So it goes–I can’t afford to support two web pages without asking for crowd funding which I am not very comfortable doing.

Welcome to The QiGong Center of South Central Wisconsin

QiGong (chee-gung) is a simple to learn form of exercise that combines deep breathing with movements designed to both relax and rejuvenate body and mind. No special clothing and no equipment are needed and the movements are suitable for all ages and fitness levels. To learn more about the benefits of QiGong, click here.

Classes are currently being held at several locations in the South Central Wisconsin area and through PowHow.com live webcam classes, all taught by Jo Chern, a certified QiGong instructor and director of the Center. You can see a list of this week’s classes to your right but you can read more about them and find out about cost and locations on the classes page. And you can read more about Jo on the About The Center page

If you’d like more information or would just like to say “hi” and let us know you dropped by, we’d love it if you’d swing over to our Guest Book and Contact page

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